Food Truck Start-Up Guide

Comprehensive information on Food Truck regulations – including where trucks may operate-  can be found in Chapter 29, Article 11/111 of Frederick City Code. 


General Overview:

Under standard vendor/peddler rules, you cannot operate in the Historic District or any non-residential zoned areas (except for the Carroll Creek Linear Park) – with an exception of the new ‘Primary Site User’ amendment made to now allow operation on the property of consenting, permit-holding breweries & distilleries.   

** TEMPORARY Expansion: As a mechanism to support local mobile food units and increase their opportunity to generate income during the current State of Emergency, the City has temporarily expanded the permitted locations and times of operation of mobile food units. Under these temporary provisions, mobile food trucks may now operate on non-residential properties located outside of the historic district with the permission of the property owner. Mobile food trucks may now also operate between 9am and 9pm each day of the license period and may remain on a particular property for all or part of that 12 hour period. View the full ordinance here. 

 General Reference Map Opens in new window

Linked is a general reference map (including temporary provisions) that helps visualize where the permitted areas are. Those areas marked by a star on this map are examples of additional opportunities (breweries/distillers) potentially available by “Primary Site User Permit.” Please note that this map was created 8/13/20 and is subject to change. 

A few basic rules of note with the standard Vendor permit:

  • In residential zoned areas, vendors are not permitted to relocate within the same block of the street within the same day. 

  • Vendors must display their license.

  • Vendors must provide a trash can and recycling bin.

  • Vendors are subject to Frederick County Health Department rules.

Obtaining a Vendor/Peddler Permit:

A food truck’s Vendor'/Peddler permit will be processed through the City’s Permitting Department. Please contact 301-600-3926 with any questions.  

Health Department Regulation: 

  • All City food vendors are subject to Frederick County Health Department regulation. 
  • The Food Control Office can also provide insight on appropriate commissaries. It is usually recommended against co-locating with a full-time, 7-day a week restaurant, as you will need easy access to parking & loading. 
  • The Health Department maintains a list of all currently licensed food trucks in Frederick County. You can find the list on their homepage.  

Potential Primary Site User Locations: 

Below is a list of current breweries/distillers in the City of Frederick. Not all of these locations have necessarily chosen to apply annually for a Primary Site User permit — though many have. Food trucks must receive permission from eligible & current primary site hosts. 

City Breweries/Wineries/Distilleries
Attaboy Beer
Dragon Distillery
Idiom Brewing
Jug Bridge Brewing
McClintock Distilling
Midnight Run Brewing
Monocacy Brewing
Olde Mother Brewing
Rockwell Brewery
Smoketown Brewing
Tenth Ward Distillery 
Steinhart Brewing Company  
Puerto Rico Distillery  

Special Events & Additional Opportunities:  

  • The City of Frederick operates the “Key City Food and Farm Market” in Baker Park every Friday during the summer months. The event hosts both food trucks and locally sourced-goods. For information on participating, contact our Parks & Recreation Department at 301-600-3850.

  • There are other City-Sanctioned Special Events that allow food vendors. Speak with Celebrate Frederick at 301-600-CITY for more information.