Pop Up Dining


  1. On Downtown Sidewalks
  2. In City Parks, Alleys, & Lots
  3. In Parklets
  4. In Street Closures
  5. On Private Property

Offering al fresco dining via "sidewalk cafes" on public sidewalks is a tradition of Downtown Frederick. Many downtown restaurants have taken advantage of this opportunity long before current events, and are encouraged to continue to safely utilize these approved spaces. The City continues to accept applications for additional downtown restaurants interested in using new sidewalk space near their business. 

Apply Here: Sidewalk Cafe Permit

Key Points of the Sidewalk Cafe Permit:

  •  Must provide a minimum of 5 ft. clear pedestrian sidewalk area
  • All private property (tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc..) must be removed or secured by the business owner in the event of severe weather
  • Approval subject to successfully obtaining all Frederick County Health Department and Liquor Board permits / approvals
  • Business must carry liability insurance for incidents that occur outdoors
  • Cannot block a building’s fire department connection (FDC)
  • Cannot block fire hydrants
  • City is not responsible for damages or vandalism to property
  • City is not responsible for trash removal
  • Must be delineated by barriers which meet Liquor Board requirements when applicable
  • Must complete an application and provide scaled drawing of dimensions of the area and details of the furniture to be used and operations plan.
  • Tables must be spaced to meet CDC/Health Department requirements
  • Umbrellas must not protrude into the walking area


Contact the Building Department at 301-600-3808