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Temporary Public Areas Outdoor Dining Permit


  1. 1. Temporary Public Areas Outdoor Dining Permit
  2. 2. Applicant Form
  3. 3. Proposed Dining Information
  4. 4. Documentation
  5. 5. Certifications & Acknowledgements
  • Temporary Public Areas Outdoor Dining Permit

    1. Permit Overview
      The Temporary Public Areas Outdoor Dining Permit is part of The City of Frederick's Pop Up Dining Program intended to expand outdoor dining opportunities in the City. By temporarily permitting the use of public areas (including parks, alleys, lots, parking spaces, and closed streets), the program is designed to support restaurant businesses with enough table locations to generate revenue and for the general public to have safe outdoor locations in which to dine al Fresco.
    2. Who Must Apply
      This permit application is required by any restaurant, caterer, or craft beverage business, for use of any public space to serve food and/or alcohol. This includes dining in the street during street closures, or in a public street parking space parklet, or on any public park or land made available by the City during the COVID19 Emergency. The City has the right to revoke or suspend any permit issued.
    3. Fee
      No fee
    4. Length of Approval
      October 31, 2021
    5. Submittal Directions
      • Fill out the online application completely and then upload the following:
    6. • Copy of Certificate of Insurance listing The City of Frederick as additional insured with the following coverage Minimum of $1.0 million General Liability and Workers Compensation Coverage
    7. • Copy of scaled sketch plan showing the following: o Proposed location of the outdoor dining area (boundary) including dimensions and any pertinent features such as sidewalks, planters, trees, parking meters, street signs, fire hydrants etc. o Public Walkway Dimensions if applicable Table Locations and Dimensions Between Tables (follow CDC/Health Dept Guidelines
    8. • Copy of Proposed Outdoor Dining Layout Plan including surrounding enclosure, furniture specifications including tables, chairs, and umbrellas, hostess stand, etc.