Carroll Creek Linear Park

Following two devastating floods in the mid-70s, the City of Frederick undertook an ambitious flood control project to protect its historic downtown from future damage. The innovative design called for the installation of an underground system of concrete conduits -- capable of holding a combined 5.7 million cubic feet of water and able to convey storm-water safely through downtown Frederick. With the engineering aspects diverted below grade, the project’s ground-level space was left available for the development of a new Linear Park. 

The first phase of the park improvements, totaling nearly $11 million in construction, run from Court Street to just past Carroll Street. New elements to the park includes brick pedestrian paths, water features, planters with shade trees and plantings, pedestrian bridges, and a 350 seat amphitheater for outdoor performances. The next phase of improvements, totaling $15.7 million in construction, include from the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center on Carroll Street to East Patrick Street. Construction began in December 2013 and was completed in May 2016. Phase II of construction was honored in 2017 at NAIOP DC|MD's Annual Awards of Excellence as the region's "Best Institutional Facility" project.  

Today, the mile and a half long stretch has not only successfully protected local properties, but has become a unique centerpiece for the continued economic growth and enjoyment of downtown Frederick. More than $150 million in private investing is completed, underway or planned in new construction, infill development or historic renovation along the Park.

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Current Status 

Carroll Creek Linear Park continues to present significant development opportunities. A final phase of the Park remains to be completed -- tying the existing park to the new Renn Quarter development and East Frederick. Plans are also underway for the design and construction of a Downtown Hotel and Meeting Center to further activate the public space and provide additional parking to the area.

In 2018, the land on the southern portion of Carroll Creek was designated as a Federal Opportunity Zone -- offering significant tax incentives to potential investors to many of the remaining development sites along the Park. 

Carroll Creek Development