Pop Up Dining FAQs: Residents

Where can I park in downtown Frederick? 

To support our local retailers, much of the street parking on Market Street, Patrick Street, and Church Street will be closed or reserved for curbside pickup. We recommend using one of our many downtown parking garages

Where can I find curbside pick up zones? 

Curbside pick up zones are spread around the City. View a map. Additionally, our garages are providing 30 minutes of free parking to help facilitate pick ups. 

Will the parklets and the street closures last? I love them! 

We have heard from many residents that they wish the parklets and street closures will become a permanent feature. While that is not the plan right now, the ordinance approving these pop up dining options allows them to continue until October 31, 2020 or until the end of the City’s State of Emergency, whichever is first. 

What are the hours? 

Hours for food service depend on the restaurant. The only pop-up dining option that has City-dictated hours is the closure of Market Street (11AM-10PM Fri/Sat/Sun). 

What is a parklet? 

A parklet is a parking space or parking spaces that have been converted into outdoor dining areas. You will see this on Patrick Street and on Market Street north of 2ndStreet.

What is being done for restaurants outside of downtown? 

Restaurants throughout the City have options – including using parking areas, sidewalks, and parks (if possible). Call your favorite restaurant before swinging by to learn about their dining options (or view their social media channels).  

Are masks required for outdoor dining? 

We encourage all patrons to wear a mask when in an area (indoor or outdoor) that may be put them within six feet of others. Wear a mask to and from your dining table. Keep it handy because when you head inside a restaurant/business, you will need it.

Have additional questions? 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to The City of Frederick for help or more information!