Two men perusing a shelf of alcohol bottlesGood news! The City of Frederick does not require a general business license.

Nevertheless, there are requirements at the federal, state, and local level to become a legally operating business. Recognize that every business is unique, and permits, licenses, and forms will vary between industries and business models.

Register Your Business with the State of Maryland

In order to register your business, you will need: a business location, a unique business name, a business type and structure, and a resident agent. For more information on any of these requirements, visit the Maryland Business Express website.

Ready to go for it? Register your business.

Obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The EIN is used by the federal government to identify a business entity.  

Apply for an EIN online.

Apply for Industry-Specific Licenses

Most businesses require additional licenses, depending on their industry and the nature of the operations. Search Statewide licenses and permits.

The Frederick County Clerk of Court can advise you of specific industry-required licensing.

Ask which Statewide licenses you will need at 301-600-1962.

Common Industry Licenses

  1. Health Department
  2. Liquor Board
  3. Maryland Occupational & Professional Licensing
  4. Traders License

All food service businesses must be licensed through the Frederick County Health Department.


Frederick County Health Department
Phone: 301-600-1029